In 1967, Rod Berle started his flooring business, Contract Carpet Corporation, with $5000 and one key associate, Sandy Rose Schuman. The company's first location was the Union Bank Building on the corner of Ventura and Sepulveda Boulevards in Los Angeles, California. This location proved to be serendipitous, since the newly formed Contract Carpet was next door to real estate developer Donald Bren, now chairman of The Irvine Company - one of Contract Carpet's earliest (and continuing) customers.

Since its inception, the company has provided flooring to both the multifamily and homebuilding industries. Benefiting from the housing and apartment building boom in the 1970's and 80's, Contract Carpet expanded to a national presence, operating in 85 cities from Seattle to Boston and all states in between. Currently, Contract Carpet operates from its Fullerton, California headquarters as well as satellite offices and facilities in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Diego and San Francisco/San Jose counties and all adjacent associated counties. Today, the company specifically focuses on serving California multifamily developers, property management companies and homebuilders.

The long-term success of Contract Carpet has been attributed to Berle's obsession with developing and maintaining close and deep relationships with each and every customer. Through the establishment of such close relationships, the company has been able to deliver the highest of customer care and quality services. This tradition continues through the involvement of the Berle family and 30+ year veteran of the company Lauren Eastabrook, Contract Carpet's Chief Operating Officer and Acting Chief Financial Officer. Eastabrook trained and assisted in the operation of the company for many years under the guidance of Sandra Rose Schuman. Under the leadership of Berle family friend and multi-national corporate executive, Jacob (Jake) Manaster, Contract Carpet Corporation continues to innovate and serve its top-notch customer base for all its flooring needs with a keen focus on loyalty and with special attention given to the needs of the individual property manager, owner or contractor.

This focus on customer care and service has been imbued as a central precept of the company's culture throughout the entire organization. All of Contract Carpet's associates live the tradition of valuing clients and fostering one-on-one relationships at every level of the operation to provide the utmost in customer service.

After more than 50 years of service, Contract Carpet celebrates this company milestone and thanks its customers for their continued business.

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